8 February 2010: Happy Birthday Baby Brother!!

BERNARD-LAWRENCE-TALIAFERROThis is a picture of my brother Bernard Lawrence Taliaferro when he was about nine or ten years old. Today is Bernard’s 53rd birthday. I love this picture of him as a little boy because I missed out on his childhood, and the many adventures that siblings share. Bernard and I share the same father, but we did not grow up together. I only discovered I had a brother in 2005. But, if you see us together you would think we’ve known each other forever – since the beginning. It’s been that way since the first day we met; we are soulmates. Bernard is my best friend and my protector. Fate put us together at just the right time for both of us. God made him the perfect brother, especially for me.

Happy Birthday “Baby “B”. I love you.


4 thoughts on “8 February 2010: Happy Birthday Baby Brother!!

  1. Peggy Parks Miller says:

    Do you know how Bernard is doing? I tried to call the number that I had for him and a young man said it was the wrong number. I think of him often and I hope he is doing well.

    • MyLuckieGroove says:

      Hi Peggy! Bernard is doing REALLY WELL! When Sandra was in the hospital there was a woman whose Mom was ill & across the hall. Bernard is engaged & planning on getting married soon! He is happy & well!:)

  2. Peggy Parks Miller says:

    Awesome! Please, please tell him I said hello and give him my best regards. That is fantastic news. Thank you so much!

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